My Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Reader Review – Reader’s Feature

A reader gives his view on Nintendo’s exclusive Marvel superhero game and what it’s like to play in co-op and alone.

A few Facebook friends asked me for my opinion on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, as they’re on the fence about it, so here’s what I told them:

I’ve played probably around six hours in single-player and four hours in co-op, and both are good in different ways. Nothing beats local multiplayer with a friend – especially one who’s also a huge Marvel fan – and we had an absolute blast playing it for about four hours in one day, unlocking loads of awesome superheroes and fighting loads of fantastic bosses/villains (I won’t name any to prevent spoilers).

In co-op, the camera can sometimes be poor! I like that it keeps all the action on one screen, not split screen, but when things get hectic and you get split up from your friend, things can unfortunately get tough. In general, the design of the game means it’s not a problem most of the time.

In single-player, you can get a camera called ‘Heroic’ which follows you closely and enables you to manipulate it, so that’s fine. I haven’t played the game in the Switch’s handheld mode, but the graphics are lovely docked (on the TV); the colours really pop, I love the comic book style art, and it runs smoothly even with a whole heap of enemies on screen! Audio is great: music is mostly just background noise in the levels, but there are some epic-sounding pieces occasionally, like the main theme.

Voice-acting is often brilliant! Nolan North is in the game doing Deadpool and Rocket Raccoon, and the guy who did Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 (Yuri Lowenthal) also does Spider-Man here, and there really isn’t much to fault with the majority of characters. Combat is really good fun, if a bit repetitive, but you’re never far from a boss battle against a famous villain, and these boss battles are awesome and unique fights!

The game can be pretty hard on the Mighty difficulty, and the Infinity Trials can also be tough, so there’s plenty to get stuck into. You unlock loads of art, cut scenes, music, and reports to check out; the latter of which are written by Rocket Raccoon and are pretty funny! There really is a lot to admire for a Marvel fan!

There’s plenty of versatility in the characters: for example, Iron Man doesn’t fight like Captain America, Scarlet Witch doesn’t fight like Wolverine, the Spider-Man characters don’t play like anybody else, etc. So yeah, really enjoyable game so far!

It goes without saying that you will get a lot more out of the game if you’re a Marvel fan, because you will adore the characters, love the cut scenes and story, and have fun playing as your favourite characters in familiar locations.

By reader Thomas Parfett

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