NACON To Publish Skateboarding Sim, Session

A new partnership between video game publisher NACON and indie developer creā-ture Studios has been announced, which means that the skateboarding simulation game, Session, will finally be making its way out of Steam Early Access.

The announcement came yesterday, indicating that NACON will be publishing and distributing the immersive skateboarding title whenever the game leaves Early Access – which it has remained in since launching in September 2019.

It was really only a matter of time before the creā-ture Studios team found someone willing to publish the lifeline skateboarding title, especially considering the game’s “Very Positive” Steam User Rating from over 5,000 reviews. And, in fact, the studio did apparently have its fair share of suitors. In a developer blog post, the team described being “blown away with [NACON’s] passion, inspiration and a battle plan for Session we couldn’t ignore.”

The post goes on to describe exactly what the publication deal will mean for the game’s full launch and beyond, including better licensing and real-life branding integration, more localization options, bringing the game to additional platforms besides PC, as well as growing the development team to continue making Session be the best skating sim that it can be.

Finally, with a community that continues to drive the game’s development through player feedback, creā-ture will continue its tight-knit relationship with its players, indicating that the partnership with NACON will allow for “better communications and structure for the community as we now have a dedicated community team to better bridge the information between us all.”

This news comes with the anticipated release of the game’s update, which has been tested by the game’s Kickstarter backers. will hopefully be the game’s cleanest update to date and is expected to release sometime later this month.

It’s clearly an exciting time for creā-ture, NACON, and fans of the skateboarding genre. It will be interesting to see how the full-launch of the game fares compared to last year’s release of Skater XL – another skateboarding sim.

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