Need For Speed Unbound Reveals First Look At Police Chase Gameplay

Need For Speed Unbound has long been the subject of many leaks and rumours, but just a couple of weeks ago the hype machine really cranked into fifth gear, and we've been inundated with teasers and trailers ever since. The latest video shoes off the hectic cops vs racers chases that we'll get to play when it launches December 2.

The video opens with police sirens as a Lotus speeds along dark streets. A police roadblock can't stop it as it corners and swerves. The cinematic shifts into a gameplay perspective and we see those anime details light up the car as it trades paint with the cops and causes one to crash into another, flipping the car and giving a takedown notification, showing that you don't just have to outrun the cops, you can be aggressive too. The video also shows multiple types of cop cars, some looking they're built for speed and others for damage.

An electronic rap song plays over the trailer, intercut with engine sounds and tire screeches. EA seems to really be leaning into the street culture and rap aesthetics of the game – a smart move if the game delivers, especially considering it's got an anime A$AP Rocky in it.

The video also showed off the betting system. Instead of just winning money every race, you have to bet your cash to enter. You can also bet specifically against other racers, who will be "full characters," so expect to form some rivalries. This leans into the street racing culture the Need For Speed Underground era pioneered, which has made many at TheGamer hopeful that this is the series' return to glory, though not everyone is convinced.

Need For Speed unbound will feature over 140 cars, but Toyota, Hyundai, and Audi are missing – nerds. Also, if the flashing drawn highlights seem like too much, you can customise them to fit your taste or turn them off altogether. The features will be unlocked as you play and are customisable like any other part of the cars.

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