NEO: The World Ends With You – How To Earn Max Scramble Slam Points

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NEO: The World Ends With You, the long-awaited sequel to The World Ends With You, follows Rindo Kanade and his team, The Wicked Twisters, as they aim to win the Reapers’ Game, fighting Noise and other teams along the way.

The Reapers’ Game takes place across three weeks, and on each day you’ll be faced with certain challenges — one of these challenges is the Scramble Slam. You’ll take part in the Scramble Slam three times as part of the main story: once in Week 1 and twice in Week 2. During them, you’ll want to win as many Scramble Slam points as possible to earn rewards.

What Is The Scramble Slam?

The Scramble Slam is a challenge in The Reapers’ Game. Each team aims to claim the different areas of Shibuya by either defeating orange Turf Noise or beating rival Players in the area. Once all the Turf Noise or rival Players have been defeated, the winning team claims the area.

Beating both the Turf Noise and the rival teams earns you Scramble Slam Points. These points can be exchanged for a reward at the end of the Scramble Slam — the reward you receive depends on how many points you manage to earn while defeating Turf Noise and Players. To obtain the most valuable prize, a Pin, you’ll need to earn a high number of Scramble Slam Points.

General Tips

Fight High Chain Reductions

The more Noise you fight in a Chain Reduction, the more points you’ll be able to rack up. When you fight the orange Turf Noise or a rival Player, make sure to build up a high Chain Reduction first by drawing in Noise.

Use high Chain Reductions for each individual Turf Noise and rival Player that you encounter so that you can maximise your potential for Scramble Slam Points.

Use The Highest Difficulty Setting

Similar to the original game, NEO: The World Ends With You allows you to adjust the difficulty setting to earn more rewards. Increasing the difficulty level that you play in will allow you to earn more Scramble Slam Points — just make sure that you’re prepared to fight the tougher Noise that appear in the higher difficulty settings.

Ultimate Difficulty is only available in the post-game, after you add Joshua to your Social Network on Week 3, Final Day.

Combos Are Key

Fighting Noise like there’s no tomorrow will earn you some Scramble Slam Points, but being methodical about how you defeat them will net you more. Performing Beatdrop combos on enemies will help you to earn the most points as you fight.

One way to do this is by using a mixture of weak Pins and strong Pins. Weaker Pins allow you to perform more combos before you defeat the Noise, and the stronger Pins will make sure you can finish off the Noise, especially when playing on higher difficulty settings.

Leave ‘Bonus’ Noise Until Last

While fighting Noise during the Scramble Slam, you’ll notice that some enemies have a ‘bonus’ multiplier above them. These appear when you successfully perform a Beatdrop combo. To maximise your Scramble Slam Points, you’ll want to make the most of this bonus multiplier.

As you build up Groove by performing Beatdrop combos, this multiplier will increase to a maximum of five. The points you earn will be multiplied according to this number. Wait until the multiplier has reached five, or until this Noise is the last enemy, before you defeat it.

Replay The Days

Don’t worry if you don’t get the max number of Scramble Slam points the first time around. Once you finish the game, you’re free to replay the days, and the Scramble Slams, as many times as you like.

Racking up Scramble Slam points is significantly easier the second time around. You can use all the Pins you’ve collected throughout the game to defeat the Noise on higher difficulty levels, create higher Chain Reductions, and build up the most bonuses.

Week 1, Day 6 Scramble Slam

60,000Just Keep Swimmin! Pin
45,000x2 Axion
30,000x3 10,000 Yen

Before engaging with Turf Noise in the first Scramble Slam, you’ll want to build up a Chain Reduction of four. At this point in the story (unless you’re replaying after finishing the game) you’ll only be able to build up a Chain Reduction of five.

If you engage five Noise before a Turf Noise, the encounter won’t include the Turf Noise and you won’t gain any points. So, make sure your Chain Reduction is at four, then draw in the Turf Noise last.

When fighting the Noise, you should focus on chaining Beatdrop combos. Use the weaker Pins to build up combos and the stronger Pins to seal the deal, especially when fighting the strongest Noise on this day, Pachy R&R.

Week 2, Day 3 Scramble Slam

400,000What A Shock! Pin
300,000x2 Dilaton
200,000x2 Axion

Once again, you’ll need to build up combos to gain the most Scramble Slam Points.

Unlock Chain Extender

At this point, you can use the Social Network to unlock Chain Extender, which increases the number of Noise symbols you can draw in for a Chain Reduction. With this ability, you can create Chain Reductions with up to ten Noise symbols.

Look for Tsukihime in the Social Network — you’ll need to reach VIP Level 3 with ConyxCony to unlock this bonus. Now, you can draw in nine normal Noise and one orange Turf Noise or rival Player in one Chain Reduction.

Fighting Jellyfish Noise

If you encounter jellyfish Noise, you can use these to your advantage too. These Noise split into more Noise, giving you more chances to get points. The original jellyfish Noise has a wave-like pattern on its head, so make sure to leave this one for last.

Let Other Teams Take Areas Of Shibuya

You can also rack up more points by purposefully allowing other teams to gain areas on the map. By doing this, you give yourself more opportunities to beat rival Players, and therefore more chances to build up points.

The first opportunity arises after you win the area of the Scramble Crossing. The Variabeauties and the Purehearts join up to take 104. If you choose to take Shibuya Hikarie after this, the two teams will take over the Scramble Crossing as well. Allowing the teams to take over the Scramble Crossing gives you the opportunity to take it back and earn more points in the process.

Later on during this Scramble Slam, you’ll be given the option to either split up to guard more turf or to stick together as a team. You should choose to keep the team together, which leads to the Variabeauties taking Center Street. You can then take on Players from the Variabeauties to reclaim Center Street and earn more points.

Week 2, Day 6 Scramble Slam

50,000Stop The Music! Pin
37,500x4 Dilaton
25,500x5 10,000 Yen

The third and final Scramble Slam works just like the previous ones. Fight high Chain Reductions, build up your combos, and you should be well on your way to earning lots of Scramble Slam Points.

However, before you jump into Week 2, Day 6, you’ll want to complete a side quest on Day 5 to increase the maximum Chain Reductions you can encounter. Complete the side quest Get by with a Little Help(er) on Day 5 to add Seiji-of-Some-Trades to your Social Network. You’ll then be able to obtain another Chain Extender using Friendship Points, allowing you to add an extra five Noise symbols to your Chain Reductions.

While Rindo uses his Replay ability during the third Scramble Slam, you can’t gain any more Scramble Slam Points when Replaying these fights.

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