Netflix's The Sandman: Here's Who Plays Dream In The Adaptation – Report

On the heels of author Neil Gaiman announcing on Twitter that the adaptation of his landmark DC Comics series The Sandman will “begin shooting in 3 weeks, lockdowns permitting,” Collider is reporting that Tom Sturridge (Velvet Buzzsaw, Mary Shelley) will have a starring role as main character Dream.

Gaiman has infamously maintained for years and years that The Sandman would not be adapted until production techniques caught up with capturing the series surreal story and immense scope, so every development nailing down how this is becoming a reality brings about lots of excitement for what’s in store. Serendipitiously, the 11-episode Netflix adaptation has received extra time to polish scripts due to the coronavirus-caused delays.

Production was set for earlier this year, but was delayed due to COVID-19. During August’s DC FanDome event, Gaiman gave a rare update on the series: “We’ve taken advantage of [the COVID-19] pause button just to try and get the scripts as close to perfect as possible… Right now, as the universal pause button is starting to come off, we are starting to cast again, we are starting–I’m getting these inspiring and wonderful emails with production designs, with places that I’ve only ever seen in the comics before now being rendered in 3D, and I’m being asked to comment on it, and that’s amazing.”

During DC FanDome, Gaiman also warned that the Netflix version will not be a fiercely loyal adaptation. Over the summer, the series was brought to Audible as a more faithful audio drama–Gaiman seems primed to spread his wings and radically re-imagine the series as it’s brought to a full audio-visual experience. Were it not for COVID, we likely already have had more substantial news and updates how the upcoming adaptation shaping up.

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