Netflix's The Witcher Trots Out Very Good Horse

Netflix provided a first look at some of the major characters in its adaptation of The Witcher recently, but one notable absence stuck out: Roach, Geralt’s trusty steed, was nowhere to be found. The studio has now remedied that oversight with a new still that shows Geralt riding Roach.

The tweet showing the photo also provides another look at Geralt, including a detailed look at his layers of armor. It all looks like it could have been pulled straight out of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Roach matters more for Witcher authenticity than just the riding, though. As many fans of the series noted, the first shot of Geralt showed him carrying one sword, rather than two. In Wild Hunt, he carries both a steel sword for fighting human foes, and a silver one for fighting against monsters. In other fiction, though, monster encounters come up infrequently enough that Geralt leaves the silver sword with Roach and he only equips it when necessary. That has led to speculation that this first season of the series could include details on how he starts to carry the weapon, and this shot of Roach–who doesn’t seem to be carrying a second sword–would support that theory.

We still haven’t been given a release date for the Witcher TV series, but Netflix has confirmed it will be sometime this fall. We’re likely to hear much more about the show, including a possible release date, at its Comic-Con panel on July 19. Check out everything we know and expect to come from San Diego Comic-Con.

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