Never Alone: All Cultural Insights Locations

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  • Insights You Get Outside Levels
  • Tundra (Chapter Two)
  • Nuna's Village (Chapter Three)
  • Ice Floes (Chapter Four)
  • Whale Spirit (Chapter Five)
  • Coastal Village (Chapter Six)
  • Forest (Chapter Seven)
  • Forest Lake (Chapter Eight)
  • Tundra Meadow (Chapter Nine)

Never Alone is a linear game that doesn't include much optional content. However, the title does contain a set of collectibles called Cultural Insights. Naturally, gathering all 24 of them earns you an achievement or trophy. But that's not the only reason to pick them up.

Each one comes with an interesting video about Iñupiat people and their culture. So, they're certainly worth acquiring. To do so, you must find and approach the owls you see throughout the game. You don't have to do anything special when you go up to the animals as you automatically get the Cultural insight. Here are all of their locations.

Insights You Get Outside Levels

Not every Cultural Insight is acquired during gameplay. You're given four of them automatically.

  • A Living People, A Living Culture – You unlock this one at the start of the game.
  • It Would Be Really Nice To Hear A Story – You unlock this one at the start of the game.
  • Scrimshaw – You get this Insight after the opening cutscene.
  • Kunuuksaayuka – This Insight unlocks at the end of the game during the credits.

Tundra (Chapter Two)

The second chapter game makes up for the first's lack of Insights by providing four of them.

Arctic Fox

It doesn't take long to reach the first Insight of the level. Run forward and climb the first wall to run into the Arctic Fox Insight.

Caribou Skin Clothing Was The Beat

At one point during this chapter, the game teaches you how to brace against the wind. After this, run a little forward to find the Insight owl next to a gap.

Sila Has A Soul

After jumping across the three spirit platforms, you will find an Insight on the other side.

The Trapping Trail

Once you crawl under the small gap as the fox, you need to wall jump up. At the top, there is an Insight on the right side.

Nuna's Village (Chapter Three)

While roaming through the remains of Nuna's Village, you can acquire three insights.

The Heartbeat Of The Community

After speaking with The Owl-Man for the first time, head down the hill to find the Insight at the bottom of it.

Little People

You first meet the Little People (as they're called in-game) in an area with multiple platforms above a pit. While controlling the fox, jump over to the right side, slide down to the left, and leap over to the platform on that same side. At this point, you will have picked it up.


Interestingly, this one is in the exact same spot as The Heartbeat Of The Community insight from earlier. However, you can only acquire this one after the scene where you give the Owl-Man his drum back.

Ice Floes (Chapter Four)

The game's fourth chapter includes three insights to find.


At the start of the chapter, you're floating on a large piece of ice. Then an owl flies past, and you automatically receive the Stranded insight.

No More Thick Ice

For much of this chapter, you get chased by a polar bear. Eventually, you slide down a piece of ice, and the animal lands in the water. Then you travel up a hill, just after you pass the top, you run into another owl and get the insight.

A Girl & Her Nanuq

There's a section of the level where you must bypass a bunch of moving platforms that can crush you. Once you get to the right side of the fourth one, climb up to the gap above you.

Whale Spirit (Chapter Five)

There are three insights within chapter five.

Subsistence Lifestyle

At the start of the level, submerge from the water and head to the left. Break the ice with the Bola and grab the insight behind it.

Everything Is Alive

During the chapter, your main goal is to flood the place by destroying ice blocks to let water out. The second time you do so, you may notice there's an insight next to where the ice was.

Sharing For Survival

In the last part of the level, there's a top section with a waterfall. Once you get up there as the fox, leap over to the right to acquire this insight.

Coastal Village (Chapter Six)

Coastal Village is another chapter that contains three insights.

King Island

When you start the chapter, jump over the first gap, and run to a little wooden bridge. The insight owl is sitting on top.

Northern Lights

You can find this next one right after completing the hanging platform puzzle. It's right there when you get to the top level.

The Month Of Night

The last insight of this chapter comes during the section where Nuna has to climb up a rope onto the platform above. Once you're up there, leap to the rope on the left and use it to reach the next platform. This is where the insight is.

Forest (Chapter Seven)

During your time in the forest, you can pick up another two insights.

Animal Spirits

Once the level starts, use the fox's newly acquired flying ability to head right. Among the first group of branches you reach is the insight owl.

Rebirth & Naming

Late into the level, you're meant to drop down into a pit and break the ice on your right. However, before doing so, jump over to the left and leap to the platform above. From there, you can reach the owl that's sitting on the branch.

Forest Lake (Chapter Eight)

There's just one insight in the Forest Lake level.


After you beat the final boss of the chapter, progress through the exit. Partway up the next slope, you will locate the insight.

Tundra Meadow (Chapter Nine)

The final insight you can pick up in gameplay is in chapter nine.

Reading The Weather

Before climbing up the giant, keep going towards the right instead of going upwards. The owl is sitting over there.

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