Never-Before-Seen Mario Artwork Shown Off In Nintendo Company Handbook

Nintendo gives out a handbook to its employees every year and the artwork from the 2020 edition has now made its way to the Internet, thanks to the work of fans online.

The Nintendo company handbooks are notorious for their incredible artwork, as they contain pieces based on games that have been released throughout the year. These usually include key art for recent games, but there are also unique pieces of artwork that are made specifically for the handbook that is not shown anywhere else.

The artwork included in the latest Nintendo company handbook has been revealed (courtesy of Kaihatsu on Twitter) and it includes some never before seen artwork from the Super Mario Bros. series. The artwork includes pictures of Mario using the Ultra Hand, which was a hugely successful toy that the company developed in the ’60s. There is also a picture of Princess Peach and some Toads painting pictures.

Unused Mario Artwork Cover

The second group of illustrations contained a picture of Bowser Jr. beating the crap out of his dad’s minions with his clown car, Thwomph smashing a Nintendo Switch to test its durability, Princess Daisy calling King Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2, and Lakitu taking pictures of Bowser spitting a fireball for advertising purposes.

The third set of illustrations contains a picture of Birdo, Yoshi, and some Koopa Troopas building a game out of blocks, Pauline making music with Luigi on bass and a wiggler on a keyboard, a Mario hat coming out of a pipe near the Nintendo headquarters while a tie-wearing Kamek flies past, and a picture of Shigeru Miyamoto dressed like Mario as he encourages the employees to make people around the world smile.

It’s amazing that the people at Nintendo would put so much work into a document that is only meant to be circulated within the company. The artwork in these books is gorgeous and it’s a gift for fans who don’t work within Nintendo to be able to see all of these beautiful illustrations for themselves.

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