New Artwork Released for Sci-fi Shooter Scraper: Gauntlet

Virtual reality (VR) developer Labrodex Studios is currently in the process of working on the second title in its Scraper series,  Scraper: Gauntlet, a first-person shooter (FPS). While work is underway to release the title by the end of 2019, the studio has given VRFocus an exclusive look at the artwork and design process.

Scraper: Gauntlet is a wave shooter which aims to mix up gameplay in a number of ways, one of the core attributes begin the weapons system. This isn’t your everyday selection of guns found mounted on your hip or back. Instead, players are supplied with gauntlet’s – hence the title – mechanical projectile throwers strapped directly to their wrists.

These glowing instruments of death are highly customisable, offering all manner of loadouts to deal with the various enemies and environments players will encounter, from machines guns to rocket launchers there will be something to suit everyone’s tastes. And to make sure the experience is comfortable for all players, each area will have fixed spawn points, so there’s no need to worry about locomotion issues.

Labrodex Studios has now detailed one of these locations, a futuristic lab created by Lawrence Nelson – a designer who has worked with companies like Lucas Arts. This lab is the first space players will come across in Scraper: Gauntlet because it’s the hub before entering the campaign itself.

The images below showcase the lab from various inside and outer angles highlighting the attention to detail which has gone into the design. From early hand-drawn concept sketches to the fully rendered environment.

Do they look good, want to learn more about Scraper: Gauntlet? Currently, in development for Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Labrodex Studios will be going into greater detail regarding the FPS in the coming weeks, especially as the team plan on releasing the videogame before the end of the year.

VRFocus will be covering Scraper: Gauntlet’s development as it’ll be taking place in the same universe as Scraper: First Strike, a tidy little shooter. When VRFocus has more info we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

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