New Bard’s Tale Launches For iOS And Android

A new Bard's Tale game has suddenly appeared on mobile featuring voice controls and a brand-new story. Voice communications technology company Wanderword partnered with the original Bard's Tale developer inXile Entertainment to create The Bard’s Tale – Warlocks of Largefearn, a new adventure for mobile. It even works on Google Home and Alexa, too.

In The Bard’s Tale – Warlocks of Largefearn, you play as a wandering adventurer who stumbles upon the quiet town of Largefearn. Townsfolk have been mysteriously disappearing, and it's up to you to figure out what villainous figure is causing these disappearances.

To do that, you'll have your choice of using the intuitive touchscreen controls or voice commands. You can use four context-sensitive commands, including "look at," "talk to," "use," or "pick up." You can even shout these commands at either Amazon or Google's home-based AI to play the game without your phone at all.

Warlocks of Largefearn is a turn-based RPG that plays out a lot like a visual novel. You can choose between four classes, including Bard, Fighter, Rogue, or Practitioner, with each getting two subclasses to further refine your gameplay. You can recruit companions to aid you in combat and offer advice for some of the more sticky situations you might find yourself in.

While the game can be mostly played as an audiobook, there are plenty of gorgeous hand-illustrated images to display characters, locations, and of course, combat.

“It’s exciting to see how Wanderword has brought The Bard’s Tale to a new medium, staying true to the world and fantasy while exploring new ways to play,” wrote inXile Entertainment. “We think everyone’s really going to enjoy playing in the Bard’s Tale world in a brand-new way.”

The Bard’s Tale – Warlocks of Largefearn is available now on iOS and Android. The game is free to download and features in-app purchases. And if you're wondering what inXile is cooking up next, it seems like it'll be a steampunk RPG according to last year's job listings.

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