New Batman game reveal looks like it’s going to be August

DC Comics has just announced a major fan event that will include a presentation from WB Games, which means something new at last.

Video game fans are used to long and unexplained waits but the one for the next Batman game really has been bizarre. There hasn’t been any word on it since the release of Arkham Knight five years ago and Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montréal, who are thought to be making the new game, hasn’t produced anything all generation.

But now, finally, we might be getting some official word on what’s going on, as there’s going to be ‘new announcements’ from WB Games at the DC FanDome virtual convention on 22 August.

That’s a long time off at the moment, so it doesn’t mean the game couldn’t be announced before that, but at least we know for sure that some kind of new DC title is imminent. Multiple games in fact, if it really is announcements in the plural.

There are a number of possibilities about what the game could be, even if the WB Games Montréal game is the most likely – especially as they started teasing it last autumn, before mysteriously stopping again in January.

Developer Rocksteady, who started the Batman: Arkham series, also haven’t announced what they’re working on at the moment, although it’s strongly rumoured to be some sort of multiplayer game set in the wider DC universe, but with a focus on street level heroes and villains.

There’s never been any proof that’s what they’re doing though, and previous leaks suggest they at one point pitched a Superman game and who knows what else.

Fighting game Injustice 3 is also a strong possibility, and probably just a matter of time. Although, as with any of these titles, the imminent start of the next generation may complicate matters.

Of course, it could be a completely unexpected new game as well, but given how slow Warner has been in making a new Batman game we can’t see them getting too obscure with standalone titles based on other characters.

The other possibility is that it’s some stupid mobile game that nobody is going to care about, or some other kind of letdown. But at some point, between now and the heat death of the universe, Warner has got to announce the game, so hopefully it’ll be August at least.

That won’t help the much-rumoured Harry Potter role-playing game though, so there’s still zero clue as to when that’s going to be announced.

Warner were planning their first E3 event this year, before everything got cancelled, so maybe they’ll still have a digital version of that, but you would’ve thought they’d announce that by now if that’s what they were going to do.

Mind you, you could say that about a lot of things lately…

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