New Destiny 2 Exotic Gun Leaked During Community Event

An upcoming exotic weapon for Destiny 2 has been leaked online ahead of schedule.

Reddit user u/SmartieStyle managed to grab some video of the next exotic weapon coming to Destiny 2 at a community event held in the Netherlands. The new weapon, a kinetic fusion rifle called Bastion, was found by accident by breaking down gear during a special multiplayer match running at the event. More specifically, again from u/SmartieStyle, “Some guys dismantled gear and weapons to get other ones out of the collections. And then by surprise got the Bastion and that side arm too.” It’s not clear which sidearm u/SmartieStyle is referring to but smart money is on it being Devil’s Ruin, the Exotic Sidearm that’s been all over the marketing for the latest Destiny 2 season. It’s also not clear whether Bastion was obtained from the collections of the demo accounts used for the community event or if it was somehow enabled as a random drop for the event even though it will be a quest reward when it’s released. 

As an exotic, Bastion will be one of the rarest weapons in Destiny 2 when it eventually becomes available. Like all exotics Bastion has some unique qualities that make it special. First, it’s a kinetic weapon that happens to be a Fusion Rifle which tends to be energy weapons in Destiny 2. Second, its unique perk, Saint’s Fists, allows Bastion to fire a three-round burst while other Fusion Rifles are single-shot. Finally, Bastion comes equipped with a rare, but not unique, perk called Breakthrough which allows a part of each shot’s damage to pass through a target’s shields.

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One way that Bungie, Destiny 2’s developers, tweaks difficulty in the game’s PvE encounters is by adding enemies with shields that have different elemental resistances. This forces players to either communicate with their fireteam-mates and equip different elemental weapons across the team or face enemies even more bullet-spongy than normal. As a kinetic weapon that has some utility against shields without needing to match the target’s elemental resistance, Bastion could end up being a much sought after addition to many Guardian’s arsenals.

Bastion also may be the best looking piece of gear in the latest season of Destiny 2. A season that focuses a lot on the character Saint-14, a legendary Titan who went missing on Mercury and gets rescued by the player character early in the story missions of the season. As a result of this narrative focus, most of the gear added this season fits with the character design of Saint-14 which is basically a chromed up medieval knight with a spartan crest on his helmet. Bastion’s less all over chrome while staying within the overall Knightly aesthetic of the season.

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