New Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay footage looks amazing – first look at Tifa

Square Enix has offered a new peek at their much-anticipated remake, with the most detailed look at the combat system so far.

It’s pretty obvious by now that Square Enix are pulling out all the stops when it comes to the Final Fantasy VII remake, which looks more incredible than ever in the latest E3 footage.

Although the fact that the entire story will be released in multiple parts was once again underplayed, Square Enix did confirm that the first episode will take place solely in Midgard – and take up two blu-rays worth of data.

The original PS1 game was so big it would be impossible to recreate it in just one normal-sized, modern-looking game so instead it’s been chopped up and reworked into separate, standalone releases.

The stage demo focused on the combat system, which is in real-time but features a slow-motion tactical view, similar to Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, that allows you to take your time choosing your actions.

This seems a good compromise between new and old combat styles, especially as you can play everything as a straight action game if you want.

You can also switch between multiple characters at any time, an ability used to good effect during a boss fight with the Scorpion Sentinel, where Barret is pinned down by an attack which in turn gives Cloud an opening.

You can also issue commands to characters with full ATB bars (a power bar that fills up over time and when you use a normal attack), with the demo briefly highlighting the use of materia and special moves.

The highlight of the presentation though was the first look at Tifa, who has a very different combat style and set of moves to Barret and Cloud. There was even a brief glimpse at Sephiroth, in a scene fans will remember from the original.

Also announced were Deluxe and ‘1st Class’ editions of the game, with the Deluxe Edition featuring a hardback art book, mini-soundtrack CD, summon materia DLC for Cactaur, and a Sephiroth SteelBook.

The 1st Class Edition includes all of the above, plus a Carbuncle summons materia, and a Play Arts Kai figure of Cloud on his bike.

Apart from some ropey dialogue, especially from Barret, it all looked pretty much perfect, and as was previously announced will be out on 3rd March, 2000 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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