New Footage From Japan’s Mario Cafe & Store Shows Off Whose Cap? Merchandise, Delicious Treats & More

The highly anticipated opening of Universal Studios Japan’s ‘Mario Cafe & Store’ was the celebratory event of the week for Japanese Mario Bros. fans. While we patiently wait for the debut of Super Nintendo World, a handy video containing new footage of the attraction’s opening and interior brought our imagination to life.

Courtesy of IGN Japan, celebrations got underway outside of the Mario Cafe & Store – located at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka – that saw a life-sized Mario and Luigi welcome visitors to the grand opening. An energetic show was held on the storefront by the brothers and other enthusiastic staff members dressed as classic ice cream servers. The store’s exterior resembled the design of American diners – which advertised desserts, soda, sweets, and coffee – below the iconic sign of Schwab’s Pharmacy; an iconic Hollywood hangout which served as a cafe and a drugstore.

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Our first glimpse of the cafe’s ordering station mimicked a general fast-food setup that advertised some delicious treats. The menu consisted of two cream-filled pancake sandwiches: one dyed red and topped with strawberries, the other colored green, and decorated with grapes. Sodas were themed after Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, which were served with mustaches or a crown decorating the straw, presenting the opportunity for photography antics.

Customers could also purchase a reusable Super Mushroom cup – advertised at the ordering station – as a keepsake. Yellow coins, brick walls, and Mario motifs were spread over the cafe’s interior that never looked overcrowded. The cafe’s staff members were dressed in full chef’s attire – including the classic chef’s toque – as guests tucked into their sweet treats and jostled together in the cafe’s lively atmosphere.

On the store side of the attraction – built within an old The Darkroom set which featured a camera-shaped window – the Mario entrance or Luigi entrance guided guests into merchandise heaven. The Mario Store primarily promoted the Whose Cap? brand, featuring the ‘Whose Cap?’ slogan sandwiched between the brother’s hat and mustache. Catering mostly to the Mario Bros., there was no sign of any other characters from the Mario universe, apart from a wall dedicated to Princess Peach and her crown.

The Mario Cafe & Store is an attraction to promote Universal Studios Japan’s upcoming debut of Super Nintendo World, scheduled to open in Spring 2021.

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