New Humble VR Bundle Provides Incredible Deal For Superhot, Moss And More

A new VR Humble Bundle is now live, providing an enormous discount on some fantastic VR games such as Superhot VR, Moss, Gorn, Space Pirate Trainer and Budget Cuts.

For those unaware, the Humble Bundle is an online store that bundles several games together, allowing the customer to choose the price they pay while also supporting a charity. While customers can choose to pay as little as $1 for a bundle, a very low payment will typically not include the best games of the bundle. The middle tier, which is usually determined by paying more than the current average price paid for the bundle, provides some good options, while the highest tier, which is reached by paying more than a predetermined amount, will include the ‘best’ games of the bundle.

For the Humble VR Bundle, the ‘pay $1 or more’ tier includes Cosmic Trip and Smashbox Arena. The ‘pay more than average’ tier, which at the time of writing is $13.98 or more, includes Gorn, Budget Cuts and Space Pirate Trainer. These are all fantastic games, especially at the $13.98 price for all three. When bought individually, the games cost $20, $30 and $15 respectively, so paying only $14 for all three is a huge savings.

However, the real bang for your buck is in the ‘pay more than $15’ tier, which includes all of the games from the other tiers plus Superhot VR and Moss. Superhot VR is priced at $25 on Steam, with Moss up at $30. So to be able to purchase both those games, along with the games from the other tiers, for just $15 is a fantastic deal.

If you do purchase the bundle, you’ll receive redeemable Steam keys for each game. This also means that if you have one or two of the games already, you can simply redeem the codes for the titles that you don’t own and send the codes for the others to a friend who also owns a VR headset.

Every Humble Bundle also allows you to choose where your money goes, between the publishers, a selected charity for the month, and to the Humble Bundle organizers themselves. The split is usually set by default to favor the publishers, with a small cut to Humble and the chosen charity, however, you can customize this however you want. This month’s charity is WIRES, who support the rehabilitation and preservation of Australian wildlife in New South Wales.

The Humble VR Bundle is available to purchase now, and will remain available for roughly two weeks.

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