New iOS Game, Wilderless, Lets You Explore The Great Outdoors At Home

Being cooped up indoors for weeks at a time isn’t easy. The current public health crisis is impacting cities across the globe, and most people can’t get outside and explore nature like they used to. If you find yourself longing to go get lost on a hike, you might want to check out Wilderless.

Wilderless is a brand-new adventure title for iOS that lets players explore a beautiful world without any worries. There are no enemies, no goals, and no threats of any kind. Players simply wander the massive world, taking photos and discovering new vistas. Wilderless gives you complete freedom to explore miles and miles of mountains, rolling plains, and frozen tundras.

If you get bored of walking, you can opt to fly through the sky as a hawk and get a different perspective on the world. Or, you can dive into the massive lakes and go for a swim. It’s certainly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, as it’s more of a “walking simulator” than even Death Stranding. But for people who want a relaxing escape during these strange times, Wilderless is a great option.

Wilderless is currently available on iOS devices for $2.99. There are no in-game ads and no in-app purchases. Here’s hoping the game eventually makes its way to Android.

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