New Kirby Game For Switch Announced: Kirby Fighters 2 Is Out Now

[Update: Nintendo has now officially announced Kirby Fighters 2, and it’s out right now on Nintendo Switch for $20 USD. Available through the eShop, Kirby Fighters 2 includes 17 abilities from across the Kirby series, including familiar ones like Sword and Cutter, along with a brand-new one in the form of Wrestler.

Other characters featured in Kirby Fighters 2 include Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Gooey ,and Magolor, and each has their own moveset and playstyle.

Kirby Fighters 2 also features a story mode focused on King Dedede and Meta Knight, along multiplayer support for up to four people locally and online.

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Kirby is the hungriest member of Nintendo’s gallery of mascots, and he’s sometimes neglected in favor of his more popular counterparts, particularly Mario. However, it appears that the pink puffball has a new game coming, though it’s probably not what fans were expecting. As spotted by a Twitter user, Nintendo’s Game Finder tool recommended a game called Kirby Fighters 2, accidentally leaking its existence.

It appears that Nintendo quickly removed the stealth sequel from its database. The original Kirby Fighters was a part of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, with a standalone version releasing for 3DS back in 2014. The game’s store description suggests that it will feature some of Kirby’s longtime buddies and enemies, including Waddle Dee and the hammer-toting King Dedede. A release date was not listed.

The latest main entry in the Kirby series is 2018’s Star Allies. In GameSpot’s Kirby Star Allies review, our critic Peter Brown wrote that the game lacked much in the way of challenge, but was ultimately a very charming experience. “Star Allies is yet another Kirby game, but it’s up there with some of the best. It’s an artistic showcase, and a great opportunity for co-op platforming. The one real complaint you can levy at it is that it gates off its more challenging aspects, but the fact that they are present to begin with will please anyone who’s grown weary of the series’ painless platforming.”

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