New Overwatch 2 Map Lets You Go Fishing, Kinda

The next Overwatch 2 map, Antarctic Peninsula, drops in just a couple of days. As well as being part of the largely unexplored lore behind Mei, it's also specifically made for 5v5, likely making it a better fit in Competitive than some of the other maps available right now. But that's not the only selling point of this Control map.

Antarctic Peninsula will actually be pretty interactive, even featuring a small ice fishing hole that responds to your attacks. Better yet, the attacks will cause fish to fly out onto land, letting you take a break from the action to enjoy a very violent fishing minigame.

As revealed in the clip below, a different amount of fish will spring out of the water depending on which attack you use. And judging from what we can see so far, it's safe to say that Tracer mains are winning the fishing tourneys.

No doubt, this will be the latest thing players get up to when they decide a match is unwinnable – so after they lose the first fight. Oh well, at least there's the chance that you'll bait someone from the enemy team into joining you, letting everyone else duke it out while you see who can catch the most fish.

We'll find out how players react for real when Antarctic Peninsula goes live on February 7. This will also mark the start of the third season, meaning you don't have long to get your rank as high as you can get it in this current competitive period. The Season 3 update will also get rid of map pools, so Antarctic Peninsula will go live alongside the two older maps that have been out of circulation for a while, Hollywood and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. It remains to be seen if this includes maps that haven't yet featured in the competitive map pool at all, such as Numbani and Havana.

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