New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Blushing Beach (Night)

Unlike the locations before it, you don’t unlock Blushing Beach (Night) right after leveling up Blushing Beach (Day). Instead, you get permission to explore the beach at night time shortly after completing the Durice section of the story, although I feel like I should stress it’s worth the wait – you might even get to snap a famous Gen 3 rivalry in action (hint: it rhymes with Sangoose and Zeviper).

By the time you get to Blushing Beach (Night), you should already be fairly familiar with the beach’s layout, so when I’m describing where to find each Pokemon I’ll be using common landmarks on the map like “where Exeggutor blocks the path during the day” or “at the spot where you’d usually find Bellossom.”

With that said, here’s our comprehensive list of every single Pokemon you can encounter in New Pokemon Snap’s Blushing Beach (Night) level. As with our other island guides, we don’t relist Pokemon who were already included in the description of a previous rank – Exeggutor appears at ranks one, two, and three, so there’s no need to mention it in each individual section when you know it’s going to show up all the time anyway.

List Of Pokemon In Blushing Beach (Night) Rank 1

  • Zangoose – Appears to the right of where you spawn, exactly where Crabrawler usually is.
  • Inkay – In the water to the right of the start of the map. Inkay can also be found in several pools further on.
  • Clamperl – On Machamp’s beach just before the final section of the map.
  • Bellossom – As opposed to the usual spot, Bellossom is now also on Machamp’s beach.
  • Exeggutor – All the same places as during the day, except instead of some of them being asleep, all of them are. Typical.
  • Alolan Raichu – Just like during the day, Alolan Raichu can be easily seen on the final beach.
  • Octillery – On the final beach by the shore, next to one of the Sandygast.
  • Corsola – On Machamp’s beach.
  • Mareanie – Next to Corsola.
  • Drifblim – Directly to the left of where you spawn in.
  • Vivillon (Marine Pattern) – Exactly the same place as where it spawns during the day, after the Exeggutor who blocks your path on the right.
  • Sandygast – There are several Sandygast on the final beach. Although they are initially blending in with the sand, you can easily spot them by looking for red shovels. Hit them with fluffruit and they will pop up into their full form.
  • Magikarp – Honestly, Magikarp isn’t worth snapping outside of Lental Undersea. It’s in the water and it’s too far away for a clear shot, how’s that?

List Of Pokemon In Blushing Beach (Night) Rank 2

  • Seviper – Seviper can be found in the same place as Bellossom during the day, which is the bushes just before the roadblock Exeggutor. It’s there on rank one, too, although it won’t come out until you lob fluffruit at it in rank two. Be sure to chuck Illumina orbs as well, which makes it examine its tail and awards you a handy four-star snap.

List Of Pokemon In Blushing Beach (Day) Rank 3

We have yet to finish Blushing Beach (Day) rank three and will update this guide as soon as we have more information on every Pokemon who can be found at that point. As it stands, we’re missing just one or two final Pokemon – we expect to have located them and revised this guide on or before Monday, May 3.

Aside from that, this includes every single Pokemon you can find on New Pokemon Snap’s Blushing Beach (Night). Again, this is a mid-late game area despite how early you can access the day variant, so if you’re here to figure out why you haven’t unlocked it yet, bookmark this page and come back after you finish the Durice arc, which transpires shortly after Elsewhere Forest and Fireflow Volcano. We’ll definitely have all the rank three Pokemon listed by that stage, meaning you’ll have easy access to every location of every Pokemon in Blushing Beach (Night), as well as what ranks they appear in. Until then, happy snapping!

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