New Sega strategy game Humankind revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live

Endless Space developer Amplitude Studios has unveiled their latest game and it looks to be a direct rival to Sid Meier’s Civilization.

Saying that Sega has announced a new game usually means only one of two things: a new (or remastered) Japanese style arcade game that harkens back to the glory days of the Mega Drive or a PC-only strategy game. Humankind is the latter.

Before you roll your eyes though it’s worth considering that Sega’s track record with strategy games is far better than with anything else they’ve released in the last couple of decades, and Humankind is especially exciting because it’s a brand new IP.

That said, Humankind does bear a remarkable resemblance to Sid Meier’s Civilization, from the look of the game (don’t give up on the trailer, there is some gameplay footage at the end) to the fact that it has you controlling the whole of human history.

Civilization has ruled its particular roost almost unchallenged since it started in 1991, with only a copycats that were quickly forgotten.

Just like Civilization, Humankind starts off in the Neolithic era and carries on right into the modern day (although there’s nothing yet about going beyond that).

What is unique to Humankind though is that you can create your own civilisation by combining 60 real-word cultures from across history, starting off as Ancient Egypt, for example, before incorporating elements of Ancient Rome or the Vikings.

Another major difference is that your culture’s fame is what wins the game, although whether that’s the only win condition remains to be seen.

‘Amplitude Studios was founded with the intention of creating this game, all the games we’ve created up until now have been leading up to this moment. We are so excited to finally be able to share with the community what has been at the heart of Amplitude since day one’, says chief creative officer Romain de Waubert.

We’ve already got an appointment to see the game, and talk to the developer, at Gamescom this week so we’ll report back with more details then. The game’s out next year.

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