New Skate Playtest Footage Shows Off Map And Character Customization

EA's next Skate game has been subject to more playtest leaks than just about any title to have come before it. It's been a while, but those leaks have started up yet again. The latest might well be the longest clip yet, and it shows off a fair bit of one of the game's maps as well as some of the detailed customization options available.

This new Skate leak comes from Parzalai (thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun) who has shared links to their latest discovery on Reddit. Interestingly, Parzalai claims they were previously banned by EA for leaking footage from a 2021 build of Skate, but now seems to believe they can share as much footage from the game as they like.

The post reveals the game hasn't changed much since the last leaks, but as detailed and is clear in the clip, the riding is somewhat smoother. Since the clip is well over two minutes long, and only features a couple of breaks to briefly look at menus, it's probably the best look at the map we've had so far. Bear in mind that this is still a very early build of the game, so the map lacks a lot of the detail it will eventually have at launch.

Speaking of the brief look at some of those menus, the clip also reveals some of what looks like a long list of customization options players will have. From the character model itself, your board, and even the gestures you make, one of which is shown off in the video when the featureless skater stretches their arms out and yells.

After numerous leaks, EA eventually caved and revealed some official details about its first entry in the Skate series for more than a decade. The two biggest takeaways were it won't be called Skate 4, and that it will be free-to-play. There will be microtransactions, the foundations of which can be seen in this week's leaked video, but developers Full Circle have already attempted to ease potential players' fears by assuring them there will be no pay-to-win mechanics or paid loot boxes.

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