New study reveals the world’s best gamers are in Finland

Data from over 16,000 games has been analysed to find out which country is the best at gaming. Turns out we’re not very good.

With the coronavirus keeping us all indoors and playing video games all day, it’s given researchers more data than ever to analyse regarding gaming, such as what genres are popular the moment.

Now Kwalee, a data-focused mobile gaming publisher, has come forward claiming to have figured out which country in the world is ‘best’ at gaming.

It did this by researching over 42,000 achievements from more than 16,000 games, using data provided by, and then ranked countries by how many achievements residents of each had scored, divided by population size to give fair scoring.

And according to the results, Finland sits at the top, with Canada and Sweden taking second and third place, respectively. The US, meanwhile, ranked sixth.

As for England, apparently, we’re not particularly good at gaming ourselves. We didn’t even make it into the top 10, stuck at 12th place, just below Germany.

Scotland and Ireland fared a bit better, though, managing to get eighth and ninth place, repsectively. As for Wales, they didn’t seem to even break into the top 20.

Kwalee crunched even more data to find out which country was the best at each genre and select games. While Finland might be the best overall, they didn’t dominate any particular genre, though they are apparently the best at playing Halo.

Unsurprisingly, Japan was considered to be the best at playing fighting games, though England is the most skilled at Tekken.

Norway, despite coming 19th overall, is the best at both Tetris and sports games, whereas Croatia is where you can find the best FIFA players.

USA took the title for best at first person shooters, and that’s all we’re going to say on the matter.

‘We create mobile games that are downloaded all around the world, so we’re always looking for new insights into this world of players,’ said Kwalee’s CEO David Darling.

‘With more people at home playing games now than they maybe ever have been, it felt like perfect timing to do this research, and maybe make things even more competitive at homes around the world.’

If you’re interested in further breakdowns, the full research can be found on Kwalee’s website.

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