New TailsTube Episode Makes A Lot Of References To Sonic Adventure

The Sonic community will jump on anything as proof that Sonic Adventure 3 is confirmed, and recently, we've been eating good. Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has been talking about it non-stop, revealing that Sonic Adventure 2 is his favourite game in the series, and saying that we will get a sequel "someday". And now, that trend continues, with a recent broadcast dropping a lot of references to both Adventure games.

A new episode of TailsTube was shared yesterday, hosted by the titular two-tailed fox himself, and guest starring Knuckles. This latest episode ties directly into Sonic Frontiers, with Tails discovering a new island for the gang to explore. However, what is perhaps more exciting is that Sonic and friends took a trip down memory lane, making many references to the Sonic Adventure days. This suggests Sega isn't totally done with the two games, and is perhaps open to reviving them after years of fan requests.

First up, Knuckles introduces himself as the last in a line of echidnas entrusted with protecting the Master Emerald. Here, we get a shot of Tikal and her tribe from Sonic Adventure, a game that gave us more backstory on Knuckles' home of Angel Island. We also see the various attempts to steal the Master Emerald, with both Rogue and Dr. Eggman going after it in Sonic Adventure 2. The shots showing off what the mysterious gem is capable of also come from these games, with Sonic Team seemingly eager to remind fans of these classics.

Best of all, the music playing throughout the whole video was none other than Unknown from M.E. – Knuckles iconic theme song in the Adventure games. Unfortunately, it was an instrumental version, so there was no rap to go alongside it. But it does seem that Sonic Team wants to get Sonic Adventure into our heads, perhaps suggesting that a remaster or new instalment is on its mind too.

These were far from the only references in the short broadcast. The logo for the Sonic Scoops segment is a throwback to those incredibly dodgy-looking Sonic ice cream bars – the ones that never had his eyes line up right. We also saw a shot from Sonic Heroes, a game that doesn't get many shout-outs at all these days.

If there is something going on with the Sonic Adventure series, then it's unlikely we'll hear much about it until Sonic Frontiers launches November 8. It's also previously been said that there are "no plans" for a sequel. But who knows? We've waited long enough – Sega might feel like rewarding our patience after all this time.

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