New Tiny Tina Trailer Shows Shroom Monsters And Wizards With Guns

Wizards with spells? Nah, boring. Give 'em a handgun, a few bullets, and a target – fire protection won't help you now. Tiny Tina is ramping up the silliness with its newest trailer, showing off Shrooms, Spellshots, and the Weepwild Dankness.

When I say Shrooms, I don't mean the drugs Lewis Carrol was probably on when he wrote Alice in Wonderland, the story that Tiny Tina draws plenty of inspiration from – even its name. They're walking mushroom monsters, kind of like the ones from Dark Souls, but instead of skewering them with a broadsword, you take 'em down in classic Borderlands fashion – explosions, bullets, and explosions.

But there are plenty of new enemies to dig our teeth into – if they're not poisonous, that is. You have goblins and trolls which are exactly what you'd expect – fantasy creatures that are as old as the genre. They inhabit Mount Craw, a "bustling gobtropolis" in the midst of a revolution. But it's not just enemies and zany locations to fight 'em in, we also have two new classes joining the Stabbomancer and Brr-Zerker. You can see them in action below.

The two new classes are the Spellshots and Clawbringers, the former of which is the wizard with guns I mentioned – get it? Spells and shots? It's kind of in the name. They mix the arts of Magicka with the bitter taste of American gun-ho culture, serving as a very aggressive build that can turn enemies into livestock like you're holding onto the Wabbajack.

Clawbringers, meanwhile, wield a giant spectral hammer with a Wyvern companion. In essence, they're an R-rated version of Hiccup with a big tool. But they are 'heroic', with their main goal in life being to earn fame across the Wonderlands for their good deeds. Just don't piss them off.

Tiny Tina is right around the corner, launching on March 25, 2022. You can get it for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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