New Word Hopes To Improve Its Endgame With Expedition Mutators

With the dawn of a new year, Amazon will be hoping it can inject new life into New World with new features. If you were living under a rock for all of 2021, you may not have noticed that the community is not happy with the current state of the MMO at all. Issues like limited server space soured the game's launch, and what followed was a series of glitches, server crashes, progress ruining updates, accusations of fake positive comments, and 'mixed' reviews. The devs will be hoping to change things around this year, starting with a rehaul of the endgame.

In what appears to be New World's first major update of the year, the much berated endgame will be getting a revamp thanks to Expedition Mutators. "Mutators change the familiar by augmenting “Normal” and “Named” Enemies found within expeditions, changing the way encounters play out and what strategies players should consider before battle," said a blog post. "And as combat changes, so do the rewards! New bespoke gear and resources can be found, providing additional means to increase your power level."

A weekly reset will see a new permutation of Expeditions and Mutators each time, in a bid to keep things fresh. These Expedition Mutations will come with 10 levels of difficulty, each with its own "Recommended Gear Score”. Players will be rewarded points based on a combination of categories, including time, AI kills, takedowns, team wipes, and respawns. From the sound of things, this system is a bit similar to the Greater Rifts endgame system adopted by Diablo 3, but with a few modifiers.

These Expedition Mutators are presently only available on the public test realm servers of New World. They are currently running at an accelerated schedule so that the devs can gather feedback and make any necessary changes.

The release of Expedition Mutators has also brought a number of balancing changes and updates, mostly related to rewards and drop-rates. “Named Enemies” in Expeditions will now have a significantly increased drop-rate and T5 gear has been included in Dynasty Shipyard's loot-tables. Also, you will now face fewer enemies while attempting to seal the Ancient Azoth Portals in the Ostium.

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