NieR Automata Is Set To Receive An Upgrade on Steam

It’s not often that you see older PC games getting updates down the road, but that is precisely what is happening with the critically acclaimed NieR: Automata on Steam. In an incredibly vague Tweet this morning, Square Enix announced that the much-maligned PC port of its exceptional action title would be receiving some form of an update soon. That’s all we know, too.

Ever since its release back in 2017, the Steam version of NieR: Automata has been broken in a few key ways. A lack of ultra-widescreen support, an uneven framerate, and general instability have been noted across various forums despite the console versions being perfect. Curiously, a version released for the Windows Store earlier this year had some updates, though it didn’t correct the majority of issues fans have had with the Steam release.

It’s not exactly clear what this upgrade will fix, but I would assume Square Enix is going to finally address issues with the framerate. A mod by the famous Kaldaien was made public shortly after the PC port launched and it cleared up a majority of problems users faced, but even that wasn’t perfect. Without access to the source code, there is only so much modders can tweak.

It’s a sadly common issue with PC ports as console development is prioritized by most publishers. Thankfully, Square Enix seems to be making the right moves to finally correct this egregious error. As PCs and consoles become more and more similar, maybe we’ll finally see an end to outright awful PC ports…maybe.

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