Nier Director Yoko Taro Sends Fans Into Meltdown With Cryptic New Year’s Tweet

When it comes to games industry personalities, Yoko Taro is right up there amongst the most eccentric. As a result, fans watch his every move like hawks. This is why when Taro does actually end up doing something slightly mysterious and cryptic, his fanbase has an absolute meltdown.

Unless you're severely sleep-deprived, you'll know that today is the start of a brand new year. Many developers have wished their fans a happy 2023, but Yoko Taro has taken a more mysterious approach, sharing an image via his official Twitter account.

The image in question features a grey background with the date 2023 written in large white text. What makes the image a little strange is the black silhouette underneath the date, which appears to depict some kind of rabbit creature/robot with glowing white eyes. It's very strange, and feels like a lot more than Yoko Taro simply wishing his fans a happy new year.

As you can expect from a group as rabid as the Nier fanbase, plenty of people are in the tweet's replies analysing the image as much as they can and praying that a new game is on the horizon. You have people speculating on everything from 2D shooters to Drakengard remakes, much to the delight of Yoko Taro who is probably sat at home chuckling at all the chaos.

It's very possible that Taro could have another game in development, although it's unknown whether it has anything to do with the Nier franchise. However, it feels like too mysterious of a tease for it to be another Voice of Cards game which the developer has been pumping out for a couple of years now. It also doesn't seem to have much to do with the Nier: Automata anime either, which debuts in Japan on January 7 next week.

There's also the possibility that Taro could be winding people up for fun. You never really know what's going on in that head of his.

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