Nier Replicant: How To Get Titanium And Memory Alloy

Most Nier Replicant players will find themselves spending hour upon hour of farming for rare and elusive materials as they attempt to upgrade all of their weapons and earn the three different accolades related to doing so. It’s worth noting, you can increase the drop rates of items by equipping “Mah-” magic in the Word Edit Menu.

Two rare raw materials that you will need for weapon upgrades are Titanium Alloy and Memory Alloy. Fortunately, they can both be found in the same place. Here’s a complete guide on where is best to farm these coveted materials.

Where to get Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy can drop from the red-light robots on any of the Junk Heap floors (as shown above), but it’s a super rare drop (a yellow orb). However, there is a better way to farm for Titanium Alloy and Memory Alloy, but it’s only available in Part Two of the game.

Best Farming Method for Titanium and Memory Alloy

Shortly into Part Two of Nier Replicant, the story will guide you back to the Junk Heap and you will gain access to the B2 level. This is the best place to farm for both Titanium and Memory Alloy.

The P-32 robots drop both Titanium Alloy and Memory Alloy and seem to guarantee at least one or the other each time you kill one, making them a much better farming choice than the regular Junk Heap robots.

Memory Alloy is a lot rarer to get, but we’ve marked out the places where the P-32 robots spawn on the map below so you can easily farm through, then exit and re-enter the Junk Heap to rinse and repeat. At least one of the rooms marked spawns two P-32 robots.

In total, you will need 8 x Memory Alloy and 24 x Titanium Alloy for your weapon upgrades.

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