Nier Replicant: Life In The Sands Quest Walkthrough

There are plenty of optional quests available in Nier Replicant, offering additional insight into the world, some great rewards, and extra features. However, some quests require a lot more hard work than others in order to complete them. “Life in the Sands” is one such quest that won’t be so easily completed.

This quest requires you to breed hybrid Moonflowers, which is not the easiest of tasks. We cover everything you need to know about this quest right here, as well as how to grow the Pink Moonflower seeds that you’ll need to complete it.

Unlocking the Life in the Sands Quest

The “Life in the Sands” quest is unlocked by speaking to the masked woman beside the postbox in Facade. This quest becomes available in Part Two after you have received Emil’s letter from Popola.

The woman asks for 10x Pink Moonflower seeds and giving her the requested seeds will earn you 10,000 gold. However, these seeds cannot be purchased from any merchant and must be grown yourself.


Firstly, you need to unlock the feature that allows you to cultivate plants by completing the “Shopping List” quest, which is covered in our Complete Guide To Cultivating Plants.

If you didn’t complete this quest in Part One, you can simply buy the Cultivator’s Handbook item for 5,000 gold from the Florist NPC shown above in Part Two.

Next, you need to head to the Grocery Store in Seafront and purchase some Red, Blue, and Gold Moonflowers seeds. (About 10 of each will be enough.)

How To Get Pink Moonflower Seeds

Hybrid flowers are bred by alternating flowers of two different colors when planting. Flowers take 24 hours to fully grow and then another 24 hours to die and leave seeds behind. 

Note: We are after seeds for this quest, so do not harvest full-grown flowers. Wait for them to die and then harvest the seeds.

We can’t skip straight to trying to breed Pink Moonflower seeds, as we need another hybrid first — Indigo.

To grow Indigo Seeds, you need to plant your Blue and Gold Moonflower seeds in the following sequence in the garden beside your house: 

  • (Blue> Gold > Blue> Gold > Blue)
  • (Gold > Blue > Gold > Blue > Gold)
  • (Blue > Gold > Blue > Gold > Blue)

Wait for 48 hours before harvesting, this is when the flowers are dead and are just scattered petals on the floor. You should get 2-4 seeds per harvest. With any luck, you’ll have grown at least one Indigo hybrid.

Rinse and repeat the process and aim to get about 10 Indigo Moonflower Seeds in total. Plant any Indigo seeds you get while going through this process, as you’re guaranteed to get at least one back each time.

Once you have enough Indigo Moonflower seeds, you can try and get Pink Moonflower seeds. You need to plant your seeds in the following order:

  • (Red > Indigo > Red > Indigo > Red)
  • (Indigo > Red > Indigo > Red > Indigo)
  • (Red > Indigo > Red > Indigo > Red)

Do the same process as above, wait 48 hours and harvest the seeds and hopefully you’ll get some Pink Moonflower seeds. Keep replanting Red and Indigo Moonflowers, and you can even plant the Pink Moonflower seeds you’re getting to bump your numbers as you’re guaranteed to get at least one seed back each time.

Once you’ve gathered 10x Pink Moonflower seeds, you can return to Facade and give them to the quest giver.

Note: This whole process will go a lot quicker if you are willing to manipulate your system’s time and effectively “time travel”. This is all covered in our Complete Guide To Cultivating Plants.

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