Nier Replicant: Where To Catch A Rhizodont

In Nier Replicant, fishing is one of the little minigames/features that you can partake in and it’s a great way to earn some gold too. There are 15 different fish that can be caught in total in the game, but the rarest is the Rhizodont. Landing this elusive fish will unlock the “Fish of Legend” achievement/trophy.

Catching a Rhizodont isn’t as easy as knowing where it is and what bait to use, and unfortunately, managing to land one requires a lot of legwork before even getting started with the fish itself. Just below we cover everything you need to know about catch this legendary fish.


Before you can even attempt to catch the Rhizodont with any hope of actually landing it, you first need to complete all nine of the “Fisherman’s Gambit” quests.

These quests can be accepted from the old man in Seafront who originally gave you a fishing rod and told you where to catch the shaman fish for Yonah. This quest series sees you having to catch specific fish for the old man and return to him each time. You can see a full walkthrough on where to catch each type of fish right here.

The first five quests can be done in Part One of Nier Replicant, while the last four don’t become available until Part Two. If for some reason you missed any of the quests in Part One, they are still available in Part Two.

Where to Find the Rhizodont

Once you have complete all nine of the “Fisherman’s Gambit” quests, the location you want to go to in order to catch the Rhizodont is near the fast travel boat in the Desert, as shown above.

Bring plenty of sardines with you as bait as the Rhizodont is a rare catch and you’ll likely find yourself catching Hyneria and junk instead. You definitely want to avoid not bringing enough bait and then find yourself having to run back for more. Alternatively, you can save in Facade before fishing, that way if you run out of bait, you can just reload your save from there.

This will be a long battle with this rather hefty fish, so if you need to brush up on some fishing basics and tips, check out our Complete Fishing Guide.

Once caught, the “Fish of Legend” achievement/trophy will unlock.

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