Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection’s PC Port Doesn’t Have In-Game Configuration Options

The current year is 2021, correct? I haven’t woken up in some alternate dimension where we’re still stuck in the late-90s, yes? That’s the only logical explanation for why today’s release of the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection on PC wouldn’t feature an in-game configuration menu. That’s some circa-1999 stuff for console games.

As spotted by Nibel on Twitter and live in the description on the Steam store page, PC players hoping to jump into Ninja Gaiden are in for quite the surprise. In addition to the port having support for just three resolutions (720p, 1080p, and 4K), you’ll need to manually edit the shortcut Steam creates to change that resolution. Once you’re in-game, you’re stuck with it. There doesn’t even seem to be a separate launcher, though no one has actually tested the port just yet.

On the one hand, most people looking to buy this probably have a PC that is overkill in terms of hardware configuration. The minimum requirements for running the collection at 1080p/60 call for a processor and video card that are five-plus years old. On the other hand, this port does not have any tweakable options and doesn’t even include mouse and keyboard support.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised as publisher Koei Tecmo has a history of rather slapdash ports. Original developer Team Ninja fares better, with both Nioh and Nioh 2 being rather decent. Nioh 2, in particular, not only has a plethora of in-game options but supports Nvidia’s DLSS technology. Chances are, Ninja Gaiden wasn’t given much of a budget and was handed off to a different studio.

If you happen to be eyeing the game on Steam, just be warned that you’re in for a rather basic time.

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