Nintendo 3DS And Wii U Get Some New Games

The consoles 3DS and Wii U got some new games on December 16, 2021. The platforms have long been abandoned by Nintendo, but some developers have been holding onto hope.

Nintendo stopped making games for the 3DS in 2019. The company gave up on the Wii U a couple of years earlier in 2017. But there have been several new releases for these platforms between then and now. These include Moonbound for the 3DS as well as Captain U and RTO 3 for the Wii U. The latter join two other games to have come out this year on the Wii U. The former joins nine other games to have come out this year on the 3DS. Moonbound, Captain U, and RTO 3 all came out on December 16.

Captain U takes place in a “new, yet familiar, universe. You are now known as Captain U and you are here to locate the missing princess! Equipped with this universe’s legendary weapon, the PowerPad, you will utilize your unique powers to find the princess and save the universe!” The game is a platformer.

RDO 3 is a shooter which takes place on a lunar base that is being deseiged. “Having just escaped from enemy captivity, you are now on your own and must fight against overwhelming odds to survive.”

Moonbound is “a challenging 2D arcade action game that forces the player to make quick decisions under pressure. The player controls an astronaut who is returning to Earth after completing a geological survey mission in the Beta Iridian solar system. The astronaut's ship is suddenly damaged by an explosion! The energy crystals that are used as the ship's main power source are ejected out of the ship and land on six different moons. The player must return all of the remaining crystals to the ship to be able to return to Earth.”

The developer behind Moonbound, Jouni Mutanen, has apparently been working on the game since September 1, 2016. He claims to have put 3,196 hours into production despite a number of setbacks including the death of his father.

“Moonbound is one of my dream projects,” he said. “I love arcade games and I've always wanted to develop my own arcade game.”

Moonbound, Captain U, and RTO 3 can all be purchased on the Nintendo eShop.

Since the company is no longer producing games for them, the future is uncertain for the 3DS and Wii U. Nintendo has made no statement about when it will end support for the platforms. But the writing is in many ways already on the wall and the days are clearly counted for the consoles.

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