Nintendo Announces Another Indie World Coming Tomorrow

Nintendo is closing out the year with another Indie World Showcase. That’s the Direct-style presentation where Nintendo takes the spotlight off of its own game developers and the AAA publishers to bring us some of the upcoming gems from the Switch’s burgeoning indie scene.

Last August we got a selection of sweet summer cuts with Boyfriend Dungeon, Curious Expedition 2, Garden Story, and Axiom Verge 2 all releasing on the same day. We also got release dates and windows for Astroneer, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Loop Hero, and Metal Slug Tactics. Hopefully, we’ll get more precise dates for all of these games, but we’ve come to expect the expected from Indie World Showcases, so there will certainly be a bunch of surprises in store for us too.

If we had to guess, Looking for Aliens recently got released on PC, and that's a game that looks right up the Switch's alley. Of course, that's just one game, and these Indie Showcases usually have close to 20 titles.

Tomorrow’s Indie World will be 20 minutes long and starts at 9 AM PT (12 PM ET). Set your alarm for some sweet indie titles, and bookmark this page to watch the stream live.

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