Nintendo Has Updated Mario Kart 8’s Coconut Mall To Make Shy Guys More Violent

Nintendo has slyly updated Mario Kart 8's Coconut Mall to make the Shy Guys at the end of the course violently drive into other players.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Booster Course Pass has added a host of new tracks over the past few months, including some from Tour like Paris Promenade, and other more classic tracks like Waluigi Pinball from Mario Kart DS. One track that originates from Mario Kart Wii and has been brought over to Mario Kart 8 is the popular Coconut Mall, which was added as part of the first wave of DLC tracks for Deluxe. Although popular, many Mario Kart fans had issues with how the course had been updated.

The first big issue was that the escalators in the mall had been replaced with massive glowing arrows showing which direction they were going. Another problem was that the Miis driving at the end of the course were replaced with Shy Guys who no longer moved in their cars and didn't act like obstacles at all. Although the escalator problem seems like it's staying, those Shy Guys have seen a bit of a buff in the most recent update.

After revealing the second wave of courses coming as part of the Booster Course Pass, Nintendo shared a video of Coconut Mall, saying, "Meanwhile, there’s been an update to Coconut Mall…". The short video shows one of the Shy Guys at the end of the course revving their engine and then tail spinning into other drivers, making it much more of an obstacle than a wall like it used to be.

The patch notes for the update specifically highlight the change, saying, "The cars that the Shy Guys are riding in in Wii Coconut Mall now move from time to time in all modes other than the Time Trial mode". Although the escalators still haven't quite been fixed, it's a pretty funny move from Nintendo to not only make the Shy Guys move, but to make them completely obliterate any drivers in the way. Fair play, Nintendo.

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