Nintendo Pictures Launches Official Website

Nintendo has officially launched the website for new subsidiary company Nintendo Pictures. It marks the veteran Japanese games maker's growing interest and development of multimedia and expanding beyond just video games.

Back in July, Nintendo released documents that showed the finer details of an acquisition it had made. It had bought a CG company called Dynamo Pictures (to be renamed to Nintendo Pictures) and that the deal would be finalised by October 3. Lo and behold, today is that date and the website for the new company is live and kicking.

Reliable games news breaker, Stealth40k, reports that Nintendo Pictures already employs more than 100 people but will open to further recruitment in November. The new subsidiary is a video production company that aims to "let customers around the world know about Nintendo's characters and create images that will remain in their memories forever and are unique in nature," according to the Japanese text on the website (translated via Microsoft Edge).

More prosaically, the company's business activities involves making videos featuring Nintendo IP and providing motion capture recording services. Meanwhile, the host of many a Nintendo Direct, Switch hardware lead, and generally a major figure at Nintendo corp Yoshiaki Koizumi is listed as director of Nintendo Pictures.

Previously, the company formerly known as Dynamo Pictures has worked on CG for the likes of Final Fantasy 13-2 and Metroid: Other M, created a series of Pikmin shorts for the Wii U and 3DS, and provided motion capture work for Death Stranding and Persona 5. It's also known for having worked on Yuri on Ice and Ghost in the Shell.

Meanwhile, gaming and film fans are waiting for the imminent arrival of the first real look at the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. A teaser trailer for the Chris Pratt-starring feature film is due to release this Thursday, October 6 at 4pm EST.

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