Nintendo Switch 2 rumours resurface after Linux confirms T239 chip

The rumoured SoC for the Nintendo Switch 2 turns out to be real after all, but there’s still no indication of a 2023 release.

Even though Nintendo has routinely denied the existence of a more powerful Nintendo Switch model or successor, that hasn’t stopped people from believing it exists.

At some point there must be a Switch 2 though and a new piece of information that fans have latched onto concerns the announcement of what could be the new console’s system on a chip (SoC).

To the less tech savvy, an SoC is basically the chip that contains all the necessary components to get a system working. The Switch, for example, uses one called a Tegra X1.

It was previously claimed that Nintendo would be using a customised Tegra239 (or T239) model for a future console, be it a new Switch model or successor.

At the time, such a chip didn’t exist. Or at least wasn’t public knowledge. Recently, however, a Linux employee confirmed its existence via the company’s mailing list.

This was spotted and shared by Reddit user followmeinblue. While there’s obviously no mention of Nintendo or the Switch, it does seem to further corroborate the claims made by Nvidia leaker kopite7kimi from over a year ago.

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