Nintendo Switch Sports Players Are Accusing Its Online Mode Of Being Fake

Nintendo Switch Sports launched last week and unsurprisingly shot straight to the top of the charts. The jury still appears to be out on whether this long-awaited sequel can live up to the iconic Wii Sports. One thing Switch Sports does have over its 17-year-old predecessor is the ability to play its activities online with other people all over the world. Except some who have already picked up a copy and given this a try don't believe they're being paired up with real people.

The accusations that the people you're paired up with while playing Switch Sports online have been born from the generic names and titles some of the other players have. As highlighted by Nintendo Life, no, the majority of those people aren't real. The site's senior video producer played the game prior to launch and revealed when playing online, the lobby would immediately fill with CPU players sporting generic, perfectly spelled names.

At that time, that was happening because Switch Sports hadn't launched yet, so no one else was online. However, it's still happening now, and while this isn't a confirmation as to why from Nintendo, it's probably the reason not everyone in your online Switch Sports lobbies is real. If a few people with regular names rather than usernames pop up, then that's probably to ease you in or to fill a lobby that timed out or had been left with an empty space due to someone dropping out.

Simply put, when you do play Switch Sports online, and you've got a few matches of whichever sport it is you're playing under your belt, most of the others in that lobby will be real people. Unique usernames will start to take the spots of bots with names like John and Claire, and the way in which those players move, react, and play will clearly demonstrate that they are as real as you are. Standing in a room somewhere else in the world, Joy-Con in hand, and hopefully with the wrist strap on.

Speaking of the wrist strap, Nintendo reminding you to use it while playing Switch Sports should definitely not be ignored. Within 24 hours of Switch Sports launching last week, someone neglecting to use the strap flung their Joy-Con directly at their TV shattering the screen. And yes, the whole incident was streamed live for the world to see on Twitch.

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