Nintendo Takes Switch Sport Servers Offline To Investigate Crashing Issues

Nintendo Switch Sports servers have been temporarily taken offline as the company investigates crashing related issues.

Nintendo recently launched update 1.2.1 for Switch Sport as a strong stance against cheaters and hackers who break the game's Community Guidelines. The changes implemented in this update would allow Nintendo to identify and suspend players who resort to cheating and using exploits in Switch Sports. Unfortunately, this update comes with its own issue, which causes the game to crash randomly.

"A bug has been found in the #NintendoSwitchSports Ver1.2.1 update which causes the software to close during the pre-match loading screen," reads a tweet by Nintendo. "This is unfortunately affecting both online and offline play modes. We have therefore temporarily suspended the rollout of this update." Unfortunately, it seems that the issue was much larger than initially thought, and could not be resolved with a quick fix.

This has resulted in the company temporarily taking the Switch Sports servers offline. "Whilst we investigate to find a solution, #NintendoSwitchSports servers will be temporarily taken offline and online play will not be available during this time," said a follow up tweet. "Save data backup is also temporarily suspended. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience."

There's been no word since on what exactly was causing the issue and how long it would take for the developers to fix it.

Switch Sports Golf will be added to Switch Sports this holiday season. While not much was revealed about the mini-game, it looks a bit similar to the golf game on Wii Sports. Shigeru Miyamoto made the announcement during last month's Nintendo Direct. Switch Sports Golf was set to launch during Fall 2022, but Miyamoto provided no specific reason behind the delay. Additionally, the game will include local multiplayer for up to eight players at a time in a new online game mode called Survival Golf.

Another feature that will be returning to Nintendo Switch Sports is Mii Matt from Wii Sports. Nintendo recently revealed new avatars for the Switch version and fans were disappointed that Matt didn't make the cut. Upon hearing players ask for Matt, Nintendo included him in the Switch version.

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