Nintendo to remake best game ever with Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

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Advance Wars is not dead after all, as Nintendo Switch remakes of the first two games are announced for this December.

Some might regard that headline as an over exaggeration but for strategy fans that have gone 13 long years without a new Advance Wars this is a great day, as it means Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about its other turn-based strategy series after all.

The series started life as Famicom Wars back in 1988, although it was the 2001 Game Boy Advance game called Advance Wars that was the first to be released in the West and one of the few games we would consider to be essentially perfect.

That doesn’t mean it couldn’t do with a fresh coat of paint though and that seems to be what this remake compilation is, with new 3D visuals for the units and commanding officers.

Advance Wars is the sister series to Fire Emblem and that franchise’s sudden increase in popularity, after years of virtual obscurity, is one of the main reasons why developer Intelligent Systems hasn’t returned to Advance Wars recently.

Although Advance Wars does include an endearing cast of characters it doesn’t have any of the role-playing elements or lengthy storytelling segments of Fire Emblem and is instead focused more squarely on turn-based strategy – a style of game that has become unexpectedly fashionable in recent years.

Re-Boot Camp includes both the original and its immediate sequel, which wasn’t very different but added a few new units and abilities.

There’s no mention of any new features for the remakes – online would be nice – but hopefully this will be a springboard to a new game in the future, if this release is successful.

And if it’s not can we at least have Nell as the final addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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