Nintendo’s Next Direct Stream Is Focused On Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It looks like the Nintendo Direct drought is over! In a surprise Tweet this evening, Nintendo announced that it will be holding a stream this Thursday to go over a ton of information regarding Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Airing on YouTube at 9:00 am EST, the Direct will contain roughly 25-minutes of footage that will probably go over all the new additions, gameplay changes, and the special edition console bundle that is sold out.

The Tweet makes mention of a special look at the “Nook’s Inc. Deserted Island Package,” though that’s just what that con artist is calling his latest scheme. We’re bound to learn everything possible before the game finally comes out, so fans won’t want to miss this stream.

Considering how we’re still unsure about things like cloud saves, how there’s some weird limitation with console saves, and the ESRB making everyone question the existence of microtransactions, this Direct couldn’t have come at a better time. Animal Crossing is one of my favorite series, but I was starting to get worried. Was Nintendo starting to feel the itch of the modern gaming industry?

As for what else I need to know, I have no idea. I was sold on the idea of Animal Crossing Switch being a direct port of New Leaf. I could have taken zero upgrades and been content. The fact that you’re able to fully customize your island is exactly the kind of improvement I’d expect a sequel to have.

Considering amiibo support was eventually added to New Leaf, that’s likely another aspect we’ll see covered in this direct. Nintendo has a ton of Animal Crossing figures sitting around doing nothing, so why not shove them into New Horizons?

Let’s hope there’s some expanded multiplayer to go along with all of that customization. The best aspect of Animal Crossing is how social it allows you to be. Create a new town, design a new shirt, catch a new fish: it’s all about inviting your friends over and showing off some of the cool stuff you’ve done. Give me more of that with better online infrastructure and I’ll be good.

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