No Man’s Sky 2 is not happening but Hello Games plans new ‘huge, ambitious game'

The makers of No Man’s Sky are not planning a follow-up but they have started teasing their next major project after The Last Campfire.

Few games have had quite so rocky a ride as No Man’s Sky, which started life as a heavily hyped PlayStation 4 console exclusive, before proving a massive disappointment at launch and then slowly improving itself over the last four years until everyone forgave its earlier transgressions.

Now that work on No Man’s Sky is beginning to wind down though it’s been unclear what developer Hello Games would do next, beyond low-profile puzzle adventure The Last Campfire. Hello Games hasn’t said exactly, but whatever it is it’s apparently going to be big.

In a brief interview with Polygon, studio founder Sean Murray implied that it is not a sequel to anything but ‘a huge, ambitious game like No Man’s Sky’.

‘I had worked at EA before I started Hello Games, and we’d just done lots of sequels,’ said Murray. ’Everything that I worked on was the sequel to something. I found that a bit of a depressing thing in some ways. It was part of the reason for moving.’

Murray gives no indication of what kind of game the new project will be but, once again, it’ll be the work of a surprisingly small team.

Hello Games is currently just 26 people, with only three of them having been involved in The Last Campfire. The rest are split between ongoing No Man’s Sky updates and the new project… which wouldn’t be enough for the catering staff at most big studios.

There’s no indication of when the new game might be announced or released but it’s almost certainly going to be next gen only.

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