No Man’s Sky: Everything You Need To Know About The Minotaur

No Man’s Sky update 2.4 brings goddam robot walkers. Yes, you heard me: Mechs are now in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky already offers players a ton of transportation options. There is, of course, the usual assortment of spacecraft (both living and not) for quickly traversing the empty black void of space, but also for quickly exploring the upper and lower atmosphere of newfound planets. If you wanted to get out of your spaceship you could walk around, but there’s also a hover speeder, 4×4 rover, 8×8 mobile home, a motorcycle, and even a submarine.

And now you can ride around in a mech. Because why the hell not?

In the most recent update, No Man’s Sky has added the Minotaur Exo Mech. It is a giant robot suit that you can pilot and use to explore planets all from within the safe confines of its cold metal exterior.

The Minotaur can walk, hop, slide, or jump all thanks to its two legs and rear-mounted jetpack. You can soar through the air on plumes of exhaust gases or slide on the ground anime-style for a quick burst of speed. Normal view is third-person over the shoulder, but VR versions of No Man’s Sky provide an immersive cockpit view where you look out of the Exo Mech’s bubble canopy and grasp the steering wheel using your VR controllers.

The Minotaur comes equipped with a mining laser that can be upgraded to a Terrain Manipulator, and it comes armed with a regular laser for self-defence. Best of all, the Minotaur renders the pilot completely impervious to planetary hazards such as extreme heat and poison gas, allowing you to collect resources in total safety.

Sorry, that’s wrong: the best part is how you can call down your Minotaur from an orbiting freighter Titanfall style (after you build the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser, of course).

No Man’s Sky 2.4 also includes several quality of life improvements for bases, some adorable new decals for your Exo Craft, as well as new solar panels so you can recharge your Exo Craft’s engines while the sun is out. Check out the full patch notes on the No Man’s Sky website here.

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