No Man’s Sky Mod Changes Every NPCs Face To The Creator’s

If you’ve ever played No Man’s Sky and thought, “I wish every NPC had Sean Murray’s face,” then you’re not alone, and you’re in luck. An intrepid modder had the same curious idea and brought it to life, letting you do exactly that.

It’s called “Everyone is Sean,” and it comes from WinderTP. A virus scan on Nexus mods says that it’s “safe to use,” but that’s up for debate. The screenshots alone are nightmare fuel.

In fact, Sean Murray is the one that drew attention to the mod, sharing on Twitter with the caption, “DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD, DELETE THIS IMMEDIATELY.” Safe to say he’s not a fan.

The mod itself comes in two different forms. There are “big heads” and “normal-sized,” so you can opt to have big noggins for all the Sean NPCs or… “normal.” Really stretching the definition of that word, there.

It was uploaded in conjunction with Sean Murray’s Head as a ‘modder resource,’ letting others use it should they desire for whatever reason. Other than that, they have a slew of vehicle mods.

There’s the infamous Mako from Mass Effect, Tesla’s Cybertruck, Halo’s Warthog, Star Wars’ Landspeeder, and more. These replace the Colossus, Roamer, and Nomad. However, if that isn’t your thing and you’re here for Sean Murray’s heads being modded into this survival sandbox, then you can find that and the modder’s resource on their page. There, you can even find an insight into what Sean would look like bald. If you were wondering.

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