No Man’s Sky Players Create Worthless Cryptocurrency For A New Endgame

No Man’s Sky is a great game, but for veteran players, it suffers from a common economic problem. Players that have been around since the beginning have billions of credits, hundreds of thousands of Nanites, and as much of every resource as they could ever want. That’s great for buying from the in-game shops, but it means these in-game currencies are worthless for trading to other veteran players.

But there are things for veteran players to do even in No Man’s Sky’s endgame. They could create a sprawling base (or a luxurious resort), they could track down a fleet of perfectly modeled ships, or they could create a work of art in creative mode. All these things take time and effort, however, and they might be beyond the abilities of certain players. If only there were a medium of exchange where one player could simply pay another player to perform these difficult tasks.

Enter Hub Coin, a currency created by The Galactic Hub to facilitate exchange between No Man’s Sky’s longest players. The Galactic Hub has been around even before No Man’s Sky received its multiplayer update, helping players out and offering an out-of-game community that No Man’s Sky took years to support in-game.

Hub Coin allows veteran players to commission other players to do certain things. Want someone to track down a certain fauna (or even edit a save file to create it from thin air)? Get some Hub Coins and then pay them for it. Hub Coins are distributed monthly by the Galactic Hub on their Discord, subreddit, and Twitter accounts, and providing a limited currency that veterans can chase after by interacting with other players.

"There is no resource in No Man's Sky which is both transferable and unable to be duplicated or otherwise gained through exploits; this is why all previous attempts at creating a metagame economy have failed," said Galactic Hub founder 7101334 in an interview with Waypoint.

"End-game players, however, still desire access to those things which can only be achieved by player activity: they want to commission ByteBeat tracks under certain parameters, they want to pay for an artistic canvas in their base, they want a PC player to save-edit a custom fauna companion for them, they want a skilled architect to help design their base or do interior decoration, or maybe they just want the simple convenience of not gathering their own resources."

Hub Coin runs on an Ethereum test coin called "Goerli." Yes, that means Hub Coin is a cryptocurrency, but unlike Ethereum or BitCoin, it can’t be cashed out for real-world money. It also uses a "proof-of-authority" network to reduce its carbon footprint, making it cleaner to use than other cryptocurrencies.

There are currently just 149 Hub Coin holders, but The Galactic Hub reports that the Hub Coin economy is stable and growing precisely because it avoids the pitfalls of "play-to-earn" Web3 games. Earning Hub Coins is play, not work, and because its value is only defined in No Man’s Sky, there’s no temptation to engage in unscrupulous activities to get more.

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