No, Tenoch Huerta’s Bulge Wasn’t Removed From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Now that there are two Black Panther movies it seems that the Ryan Coogler-directed Marvel films are gaining a tradition of having very charismatic and thirst-trap-making antagonists. While Killmonger ranks among the MCU's most compelling villains, Black Panther's sequel also features a riveting screen presence in its antagonist.

In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta plays Namor, leader of the underwater nation Talokan. His depiction of the mutant and "Feathered Serpent God" has been causing quite a stir among audiences with his hulking charisma practically dripping off the screen whenever he appears. But apparently, in a tweet that went viral and which was subsequently covered by the likes of Polygon, Huerta's masculinity was "digitally reduced" in the final cut of the movie as his package or bulge was made to appear less big.

According to the story, Tenoch Huerta's bulge which was amplified due to the tight-fitting trunks he had to wear as part of his costume for Namor had to be digitally reduced to keep the Marvel movie family friendly. However, Huerta has since addressed the topic in a recent interview and has contradicted the claim.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Huerta addressed the bulge controversy. From his answers, it seems the actor had become aware of the viral tweet. Asked what he thought of the two comparison photos, Huerta was amused and modest.

"[Laughs] The only thing that I can say is: the original was the photo in the right. Without [the bulge]! That's original. No, I mean, I'm not going to lie to people. Every man in the world, we have fragile masculinity, but not in that issue. I will say, the right one, the real one is the photo on the right," Huerta told Rolling Stone.

So despite claims to the contrary, the real photo is the one showing Huerta as Namor without the bulge. But the apparent controversy was covered by other outlets. A Polygon feature titled "Why is Marvel afraid of Namor's bulge?" for example investigated the plight of the "penis-having superhero actor" and explored how sexuality was excluded from much of Disney's output (which owns Marvel Studios).

But according to Huerta there is simply no bulge that he was walking around the set with, and with the exacting detail that Marvel costume designers pay to most everything you would've thought they would've also considered how his package would be packaged, so to speak, in such trunks.

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