Non-Profit Hit Save! Works To Preserve Video Games As An Art Form

Hit Save!, a nonprofit that “advocates for, initiate, support, and maintain video game preservation efforts through community-driven projects,” officially launched this week. The organization, led by executive director Jonas Rosland, is committed to preserving video games as an integral part of pop culture.

Although there are several organizations and museums that work on video game preservation, Hit Save! is attempting to be more proactive by not only storing and scanning physically printed media but also offering sponsorships to game manufacturers that will enable them to record their work on hardware and software for posterity.

“We have a global approach, so wherever you live, if you need help, funds, tools, contacts, or something else to further valuable preservation efforts, we’d like to see how we can assist,” Rosland told GameDaily.

Hit Save!, which began as a collaborative discussion between groups in the game industry, hopes to reach out to historians, researchers, and collectors to assist them in their preservation efforts. Although the organization is focused on all games, they are working closely with indie developers through the Indie Preservation Project to equip them with the tools necessary to safeguard the work.

According to Amanda Farough, director of communications at Hit Save!, “Indie games, especially home-brew projects, tend to fall by the wayside when we discuss the history of video games. No one knows about these developers, in some cases. So, as a forward-looking approach, the Indie Preservation Project will document the projects of today in order to preserve these development stories for years to come.”

One of the objectives of the organization is to ensure that as the industry increasingly moves to digital formats, it preserve games that may not have physical media. Hit Save! will allow researchers to access game data and history through its archive, ensuring that the history of video games remains intact. The organization can be supported through Patreon.

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