Nvidia Is Being Sued Over Melting RTX 4090 Power Cables

Nvidia has been under fire for causing fires thanks to its new RTX 4090 GPU. Specifically, reports have surfaced on social media of the RTX 4090’s 16-pin power adapter melting, causing some very expensive warranty replacements and even some damaged gaming rigs.

It seemed only a matter of time before Nvidia became the center of a lawsuit, and thanks to a class-action suit filed in Northern California Court on November 11, that day has finally come to pass. Plaintiff Lucas Genova is accusing Nvidia of unjust enrichment, breach of warranty, fraud, and violations of New York’s General Business Law over the sale of the RTX 4090 and what he calls "defective and dangerous" power adapters.

For those who haven't kept up with the latest on the RTX 4090, reports began to surface late last month of some users' 16-pin power adapters melting. The cause of the melting power cables is still in dispute, with Igor's Lab saying that it was due to poorly soldered joints in the power plug itself. Gamers Nexus, however, attributes the melting power cables to a combination of user error as well as some manufacturing defects that lead to too much power being drawn through certain power connections under certain scenarios. Regardless of the cause, Nvidia has been taking flack from angry PC gamers for several weeks.

Genova's suit states he purchased his GeForce RTX 4090 from Best Buy for $1,599.99 and installed it himself using "best practices." The card's power adapter later melted just like so many others. The suit specifically refers to various online reports of melting power adapters and in particular a Reddit thread that showcased damaged power plugs.

As per Tom's Hardware, there are now 26 confirmed reports of melting RTX 4090 power adapters.

The case is looking for others to join in as co-plaintiffs, so if your RTX 4090 has melted on you, best to reach out to Genova's legal team to add your name to the list. Nvidia has yet to respond to the lawsuit, but it has committed to replacing all melted power cables and damaged RTX 4090s under warranty.

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