Oblivion Mod Lets You Hang With Your Character From Morrowind

At some point we've all wondered: "Would I like myself if I met myself?" Unfortunately, only twins and clones will truly know the answer to this question. Similarly, many of us have also wondered if we'd like the version of ourselves from a few years ago – for that, we'd need a time machine. However, there is another way to answer these questions. A mystical technique, mastered only by a few – mods.

Mods allow you to fulfill your wildest dreams. All you have to do is wish for something, and there's probably already a mod for it. In this particular case a mod for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion that lets you import your character from Morrowind. This means, you can hang out with your old character from TES 3, or if you didn't really like yourself then, fight them. As spotted by PC Gamer, Cross-Game Invader Add-On is a rather unique mod that connects both the games.

You can recruit your past character as a follower, fight them to the death, or just play as them – spells, enchantments, and all.

The description says, "this mod adds a way to transfer items, spells, and even player data between Morrowind and Oblivion (in both directions). Have an awesome enchanted item in Morrowind you wish you could use in Oblivion? Ever wish you could pretend your Oblivion character traveled back in time and became the Nerevarine? This and so much more is possible with this mod, the first of its kind!"

The creator has also introduced a new feature to this mod, a cross-game boss. You will come across the Tonal Invader in Morrowind, but he will escape after you defeat him, and eventually show up at some point in Oblivion. There's also light elements from Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis System – if you manage to disarm the boss in Morrowind, he will have a different weapon when you meet him in Oblivion.

This is one of the more unique mods you'll come across on Nexus Mods. Most mods just add a feature into one game. Not many connect two different games in a meaningful way.

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