Occupy White Walls goes to Kickstarter for its art gallery-making MMO

StikiPixels announced today that it is taking its art gallery MMO Occupy White Walls to Kickstarter. It has a goal of  just over $122,000.

Occupy White Walls has players creating art galleries and choosing what to fill them with. Players can select pieces from classic artists, but modern creators can upload their work to the game for $9. Users can gift Patron codes to artists, which they can use to upload their creations. Artists can also link to personal websites and social media channels through the game, giving them a way to sell real art to any fans they create through the game.

The game also boasts an AI system that helps players find art that they are interested by analyzing player actions.

“Called DAISY, the AI treats all artists equally and doesn’t discriminate between any artist, whether they’re a young Dutch artist or a slightly older one,” notes StikiPixels. “This makes OWW a unique proposition for undiscovered talent looking to share their work with the world.”

Occupy White Walls has been available via Steam Early Access for about a year, where it has garnered an average of “very positive” user reviews.

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