Oculus Quest 2 Launch Titles: Every Game Confirmed So Far

What new titles will you be able to play on October 13th? Here’s our full list of Oculus Quest 2 launch titles (that we know of) to fill you in.

Facebook’s new standalone headset is now just under two weeks away. We loved Quest 2 for its improved design and added horsepower, but what games will actually be launching alongside the headset? Let’s find out.

Below is everything we know of (so far) that is coming to Quest 2 on day one. There may be a few additions to the list in the coming days, and don’t forget that Quest 2 supports every single game that released for the original Quest. In fact, these games will also be playable on the old headset. We’ve also got a list of launch window titles a little further below, so you know what’s coming in the next few weeks and months. You can see more trailers and gameplay for this content on our Youtube channel.

Also if you’re wondering why so many of these Oculus Quest 2 launch titles are from Japanese developers, Quest 2 is pushing for that market pretty hard at launch!

Oculus Quest 2 Launch Titles

Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat


Wave glowsticks to the beat in this idol-adoring simulator. Think Beat Saber, but with more J-Pop.

Little Witch Academia VR


The hit anime gets the VR game fans (and probably Harry Potter fans too) have always wanted. Shoot through the sky on your broom and interact with the series’ colorful cast of characters.

Rez Infinite


A beloved classic gets its long-awaited Quest treatment. Rez is a relaxing on-rails shooter with pulsating visuals that utterly astound you. It’s already on practically every other headset, so this was long overdue.

Space Channel 5


Another Japanese hit comes to VR. Space Channel 5 is a dancing game in which you move to the beat to take down evil forces. It’s incredibly zany, though we didn’t think the PSVR version had anywhere near enough content.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners


The big one. One of the year’s best VR games crams onto Quest, with physics-driven zombie mayhem and a sprawling set of missions to take on. This one of the biggest Oculus Quest 2 launch titles.

Beat Saber Multiplayer


Obviously, Beat Saber isn’t ‘new’, but its multiplayer support is. This free update will let five friends tackle any of the game’s tracks together. This will be coming to PSVR and PC VR headsets too, as will the upcoming BTS DLC.

Oculus Quest 2 Launch Window Titles And Beyond

The Climb 2 – Holiday Season


Crytek’s popular rock climbing game returns with new, more expansive locations and more. Plus: volcanoes. Need I say more?

Pistol Whip: 2089 Update – Holiday Season


The latest update for Cloudhead Games’ big hit gives a much more cinematic edge and campaign elements. This will be coming to PSVR and PC VR headsets too.

Myst – This Year


The adventure classic is getting a full-on remake for VR headsets. It’s a full-circle moment for developer Cyan, who also made Obduction and defined the genre so many years ago.

Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister – This Year


The first full VR first-person shooter set in the iconic Warhammer 40K universe. Battle Sister offers a full campaign we can’t wait to get our hands on. In fact, we already got to try it out a few weeks back.

Population: One – This Year


VR gets the Fortnite treatment with an online battle royale across a giant map. Teams of three compete to be the last ones standing. This one could be a big hit.

What do you make of the list of Oculus Quest 2 launch titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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